Vertical anti-collision tripod turnstile series

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Tripod Turnstile Series / Tripod turnstile gate / tripod turnstile system

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  • People come and go in an orderly manner
  • High security and stability
  • Rich styles can support customization
  • Technical support, complete after-sales facilities
  • The high degree of integration

Product Details

1.    Mechanical properties


Intelligent movement semi-automatic or automatic movement, uniform rotation

Automatic homing function power of the vertical drop bar, power manual or automatic bar to prevent trailing

Channel status indicator light installed on the overlooking surface of the case, indicating whether the gate can open the door after receiving the legal open signal

2.    Extended features

1. ID cards, IC cards, bar code cards, and other recognition methods

2. Read the memory card class information details, display time and display Photos and computer desktop real-time monitoring in the two-way.

3. Accurately count the number of passers-through and automatically distinguish between the number of people completing, entering or exiting, and the number of people staying

4. Alarm the unreasonable operation or forced entry, and capture the forcible entry

3. Mechanical properties

Sound and light alarm, fire alarm or music alarm specified by the computer

A fire linkage signal can be connected

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