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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Stable and safe
  • rich styles can support customization
  • Technical support and complete after-sales facilities
  • Cloud platform/remote operation
  • High integration

Product Details

A new type of gate designed and produced by our company is easy to use, safe and reliable, simple and elegant, beautiful and bright.

Widely used in government agencies, residential areas, parking lots, factory gates and other entrances and exits.

Movement characteristics

The most stable non-constant speed running mechanism is adopted to make the brake lever start slowly, run quickly, and stop slowly, eliminating the need for the brake lever to run open,

The jitter caused by the shutdown. Extend product life.

The left and right direction of the barrier gate can be reversed, and the lifting and falling direction of the gate lever can be changed at will according to the needs of the site, and the scope of application is wider.

The use of high-load and heavy-duty bearings with housings makes the movement part more stable.

The mechanical limit is adjustable, which makes the installation and debugging more convenient and quick.

High-sensitivity limit switches are used to control the lifting and falling of the rod instantly and accurately.

Integrated worm gear transmission and deceleration asynchronous motor, stable transmission, low noise and compact structure.

The motor is equipped with an intelligent overheating protection system, which controls the temperature rise of the motor under frequent use, so that the motor is not easy to burn out.

The manual opening mechanism can automatically lift and lower the brake lever through the motor handwheel when the power is off, without restriction.

Control System

Using digital chip technology, anti-smashing, ground sense, and IC interface are integrated, with good stability and zero error probability, especially

With delay protection function, it has dual control functions.

Adopt lifting overtime and motor overheating protection to prevent abnormal damage to the turnstile.

Imported high-power relays are used to ensure reliable operation of the barrier gate.

The original imported photoelectric isolation protection circuit is used to ensure signal integrity and anti-interference.

Integrated high-performance wireless remote control receiving module with millions of sets of learning codes to ensure the stability of operation.

The unique arc extinguishing processing circuit is adopted to ensure the service life of the control board.

The transformer with original imported magnetic core can work stably in the outdoor wet environment.

Security features

Rebound when encountering resistance (pressure electric wave anti-smashing): During the falling process of the brake lever, if it encounters external force blocking, it will automatically lift the lever,

Reduce damage caused by mistakes.

Ground sense anti-smashing: When the brake lever is falling, if it receives the ground sense signal, it will automatically lift the lever, and the lever will not fall during the triggering period.

After the ground sense signal is restored, the brake lever will automatically drop to ensure safety;

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